dinsdag 18 maart 2014

prototype 16

-Variant of prototype 10 and 15: System to determine electrically if there's still water in the bowl
-Better stability, more reliable 'spring-system', more 'efficient height/weight control'

Expected +:More reliable 'spring system'
                    More 'efficient height/weight control'  
                    Better stability
Expected -:Stability?

Tested +: More reliable then system 'prototype 10 and 15' 
              Better stability
              More 'efficient height/weight control'
Tested -: (Due the soft materials & small tube diameter), this principle is not 100% accurate

--> next step: Make a 'working' variant of prototype 16: with other tubes (diameter), harder (wood) materials, looking for the correct spring(s), optimize height control.

user experience:

designer experience: 

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